HI,  I’m Lace,

I’m an accomplished singer/songwriter and performer. Sometimes I even play a little guitar or bass.

Music has been the center of my life since the age of 3, as a result it has allowed me to travel most of my life.I have a loving family who seems to be spread all over the western states, with a lot of awesome friends scattered every where. In a line of work that allows me to spend time on what  ever it is I want to do for the day.


I grew up the daughter of a traveling preacher and that’s why Ive been singing most all the days of my life. At least every other night we’d be in some other town having services and you guessed it! I would be singing. We did this up until I was the age of 22, then my dad decided to retire from being a traveling evangelist. So, by this time at my core I’m a full blown singer/musician,with a lot of gypsy in me due to the traveling.

Now in the real world I had to do what most all musicians do, practice and play, do it again, we keep honing our craft. I could go on about this but suffice to say at this point in my life I did have to get a job to help pay the bills. That was a reality check for me! Well a girl has got to do what she’s got to do, and I had a bad habit of liking to eat. :-)

Well I became a courier by day, and at least 5 nights a week I would be practicing and/or performing. Anywhere and everywhere which brings me to my 9 to 5 job. You know I have to say I  really enjoyed that. I started out as what is called a jumper. A jumper is a person who rides along with a delivery driver, when you come to a stop I would run the package to the customer. It didn’t take me long in the courier business “jumping” to know that what I wanted to be was the driver,the one in charge yeah! This was great and I really liked my job. And I was singing and performing at night ,traveling on the weekends. Making bank.

Now a girl doesn’t reveal her age but I did this for a long time. I had no plans of quitting or leaving. This is what I did. There are times when some things are just out of your control and for me this started in around 2009 to 2010 (the economy).

Then finally in 2010 I just physically couldn’t do the job any longer. As you know this seems to cause problems with bosses! Due to the economy and the fact it had gotten to be to much for me well you know he let me go. I was going to go anyway.

I continued to sing and perform during the week and on weekends I was still traveling to where ever I had to go to perform but, you know after doing a job for so many years then all of sudden your not, that is a very different feeling that I can’t explain.

All of a sudden you have a lot of time one your hands and you don’t really know what it is your suppose to do with it any more. The only thing that I can liken this to is what us mothers call an empty nest syndrome. All you mothers can relate I’m sure. I never sat around feeling bad about not having a job instead I concentrated on the good things of daily life. Then out of the blue “bam”

An aah!haa! moment happened. If you’ve every had one of those moments, you won’t forget them. Suddenly I had a very clear thought. I could work for myself, I could work for myself at home. Immediately thats what I decided to do.And never looked back since.

Now I’m gonna talk a little cosmic jargon here for but a moment. I’m not one of those name it/claim it people, you know the ones! but, I do believe that the universe will start to work and deliver to you  what ever it is you want or are looking for. call it what you will.

In life I’ve noticed that when a door closes on you immediately several other doors are opened, you just need the courage to walk through one. At a snap of the finger you’ve got to do this, don’t look back to the things of the past concentrate on whats coming because the best is yet to come.

You see that’s what happened to me, I walked throughout the door. And realized that 10-12hr a day job was holding me back. It held me back from being at home, it held me back from making money at home and it held me back from helping people. Just walking through that door I’ve been able to make a living, I work less,get to be with family and try to help people.

My blog is not to brag about my big fancy cars because I don’t have any, and I’m not wealth either. I just want to help you follow you dreams.

To steal a phrase from the best blogger I know of Pat Flynn from  Smart Passive Income,,
I want to be your crash test dummy.

As of late 2013 I’ve been into Weight Loss, Paleo Lifestyle to be exact. Because I seem to have been putting on a few pounds here and there.

I have lost 28 pounds in less than 30 days. I got to tell you I’m shocked but it really does work and it works very well. I’m pleased.

I’ve lived a wonderful and blessed life, I do hope that maybe something I’ve said about myself has inspired you to take some kind of action.

I can only speak of the things I’ve done or have tried. If I can pass it along to you to help you in your journey I will.

This is a way for me to pay back my debt to those who have truly helped me and you’ll never have to worry about paying me back for my help.

My advise to you is to never give up on your dreams. I believe you can do it. When them doors open just boldly walk through and grab your Aah! Haa! moment.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to read my blog. I do hope to see you on my blog or one of my lists soon!